Custom Seven String Jem Body -fits Ibanez Rg 7620 Parts

Ibanez J Custom JCRG20127BGA 2012 RG 7 String Electric Guitar with case
Ibanez J Custom JCRG20127BGA 2012 RG 7 String Electric Guitar with case
   US $3,500.00
 9532705786935080 Custom Seven String Jem Body  fits Ibanez Rg 7620 Parts

Custom Replacement 7 String JEM Body
Fits Ibanez 7 string AANJ necks & Ibanez 7 String Edge Trems
Front: 5A Quilted Maple Wings w/ 5A Flame Maple & Purpleheart Center Section
Back: Ribboned African Mahogany w/ 5A Flame Maple & Purpleheart Center Section

You are looking at a brand new Custom 7 String JEM Body. AANJ neck joint, Routed for H-H pickup configuration, angled input jack & drilled for a
Ibanez Edge bridge. This body has one of the most stunning 5A Quilt Maple tops you will EVER see. Has a mult-laminate center section that
consists of 5A Flame Maple & Purpleheart. The back of the body is beautiful ribboned African Mahogany. I assure you, you will NEVER see another
JEM body like this. The Quilt top on this body rivals the tops you see on $5,000+ guitars EASY. Heres your chance to get a truly one of a kind body.

**NOTE- You may notice in the pictures that on the walls of the neck pocket the area towards the front of the heel is purpleheart & the area towards
the back of the heel (towards the neck picup cavity) is maple. The reason for this is the purpleheart laminate in that area is only 1/16th" thick, and the
back if the heel is wider than the front of the heel. So, as it gradually widens it gradually cuts through that laminate. Just wanted to point that
out so one wouldn't assume that their is something wrong there b/c theres not, its just due to the thin-ness of that laminate & the widening of the neck
pocket as it goes back. None of this will be seen of course once a neck is put in anyways.

All the wiring holes will be drilled when you receive the guitar and it will be ready to assemble. This body is only sealed in the pictures, but is currently
being clear coated & will come with a mirror slick finish. Due to the drying process, please allow approx 10 days before the body ships out. We guarantee
factory Ibanez parts will bolt up on to his perfect, I've made over 120 of these bodies & assembled many so I know there is no fitment issues. We make
the nicest replacement JEM bodies money can buy....PERIOD.

We stay extremely busy & ship approx 300+ guitars a year we have built and/or painted. B/c of this please allow approx 1-2 business days for responses
to questions/e-mails.

Free shipping if you live in the lower 48 US States. No International shipping. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for looking!

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