Ibanez Rg 320 Fm

Ibanez RG927QMRDT 7 String Flame Top W OGB
Ibanez RG927QMRDT 7 String Flame Top W OGB
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 130071304323766500 Ibanez Rg 320 Fm

Ibanez RG 320 FMThis is a part of the Ibanez RG Series.This guitar I have owned and played and written song's with and used it in the studio. The guitar is in magnificent shape.The tremolo is set perfect and the whammy bar has been set with the nut in the back of the guitar on the tremolo.To be as close and tight as it can be. So when the bar is moved up or down. There are no lags in movement.So I put some duck tap on the whammy bar so when it sets back by the volume nob it dose not make any noise.You can change this all when you buy it. Just loosen the nut in the back of the guitar tremolo and then you can unscrew the whammy and set it to your desired setting.The only other things I can say is there is light ware on the guitar. In the pictures you will see some scratches. But nothing that takes away from the Beauty of the Flamed Maple wood grain.The other thing I noticed when I bought this guitar was a color change on the neck. Now this looks like when a guitar has been played and its worn in.But the spot is smooth and lacquered so I have always taken it was the color of the wood when the manufacture made the guitar.Other then that this guitar is going to be at an amazing price for a lucky buyer.Again just like my other Auction going on.I am only getting reed of this guitar because I have found a guitar on Ebay I am wishing to buy.And since the Holidays are coming I have to save my money.So I am selling my guitar to buy another one. I feel being honest is the best way to be. So I am letting you know why I am selling my Ibanez RG 320 FM.I would like to also share that this comes with a Gig Bag for free.And I would like to say that the guitar in the pictures is the guitar that is up for sale.So look real close and make shire you are wanting this amazing guitar before you hit buy now.I am not taking returns on this guitar just like my other Auction. Because the money I receive is going right on the guitar I am buying on Ebay.This is one of the best guitars in my collection. So I can tell you right out. You will love this guitar.
Thank you to all the people who come and visit and take a look at this amazing guitar.God bless you all and your families.
If you buy now. I will throw in a set of strings and a guitar strap.And if you buy now the handling will be faster.
Just remember the Guitar is used so if there are minor scratches or spots of ware on it. You have been forewarned. Since it is my Obligation since there is no return on this guitar.But if you look at all the pictures. You will see this guitar is in magnificent shape and ready for the stage and or Studio or just shredding it up in your home or jam room.The Price is set way low. So please enjoy the chance at this outstanding Ibanez RG 320 FM guitar.

 130071304323766501 Ibanez Rg 320 Fm

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